Scottsdale Phoenix Wedding Photographer

The Journey I was surrounded by a family of artists growing up. I remember watching everyone around me use their talents to speak through drawing or painting. I also felt driven to create. As a kid, I remember picking up a pencil and trying to draw. I wasn’t bad, but not exceptional. In my teen years I tried my hand at writing poetry and small excerpts—fun, but I wanted something more. Finally, I went out into uncharted territory with photography.I knew from the moment I snapped that first photo and watched it develop before my eyes that I had found “my thing.” I found a way to tell stories. 

My Story Revolves Around Telling Yours I love people, and I love art. I combine the two by investing in my clients. I get to know you and share my heart so that you feel more comfortable. I want you to feel like you’re working with a friend—because you are.  Images are only as powerful as the experience they come from. I want to give you an exceptional experience for exceptional photos. I take time to hear your ideas, take in your personality, and learn your story for a truly unforgettable photo session focused on YOU. That’s why each collection is tailored and personalized for each individual client.  See more about my pricing philosophy [here], or better yet, just [reach out] to me!  All-Inclusive: Diversity Like the captivating colors of fall, skin tone, eye color, and body shape make the world a beautiful place. I want everyone to feel comfortable in their skin in front of my lens. I aim to give people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all cultures the opportunity to have photos that reflect their beauty and uniqueness.  As a destination photographer, I have 6+ years of experience documenting couples all over the world, and I hope to tell your story according to your vision. [See Gallery] I look forward to meeting you!