Austin Wedding Photographer in Mexico!

Ty contacted me just a week prior to his destination proposal. His now-fiancé has been following my photography work and is a huge fan, so he said it would be a blessing if I could fly to Mexico City to capture his surprise proposal. He knew it was short notice, but luckily, I happened to be free the following weekend. After hearing his heartfelt, inspirational story, I just couldn’t say no. Boom, we were in business, and I was on a flight to Mexico!

Being a destination photographer is never short of surprises. I have a blast experiencing new places I might never have visited on my own. Originally, Ty had planned to pop the question at Castillo de Chapultepec (Chapultepec Castle), but he quickly realized that it was quite a trek up the hill for Cecilia to make in heels. We had to improvise. Last minute, he called me to divert my attention to the Angel of Independence. Ever on the move, I packed up my gear and made my way over, waiting stealthily for them to arrive. As they explored, I photographed some of the monuments around the area, hoping to look like a travel photographer if Cecilia looked my way.

They finally arrived at “The Spot,” and I had a great time capturing the beautiful proposal in action. I felt all of the emotions with them as I clicked away: the suspense, anticipation, shock, excitement, and elation as it all played out. This was well worth the spontaneous trip! When Cecilia saw me capturing the moment, she lost it even more. Her face expressed pure happiness.

Afterward, we traveled to Catedral Metropolitana, which faces the gorgeous Zócalo plaza. You would’ve thought these two fashion gurus were models, and it was only by the surprised expressions and elated faces that you would know it was actually a proposal shoot. They looked amazing together.

I am so happy for these two, and I felt truly honored to be able to capture this moment for them. Congrats, Ty and Cecilia! I wish you both the very best.

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